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We are happy to inform you about our specialty clinic in a prime location. Our specialty clinic offers Ethical, Qualified & Personalized health care for Men, Women & childless couples. We understands that childlessness for a couple and they need a reliable expert to turn them on.

Unfortunately, today’s hectic and stressful work environment, coupled with an unbalanced lifestyle, has brought a lot of couples to face with this issue. Nakshatra gives you a more peaceful and comforting experience. The quietness of the place is calming and refreshing and adds immense value.

We provide a safe, supportive and comforting environment to help you through this period. We are very keen on one to one patient care and giving privacy for the couple without meeting other relatives and friends. Wherever you are, we make your fertility treatment easyRead More

Our Treatments


Male fertility check up and treatment. Semen analysis – Basic and advanced Azoospermia Clinic DNA fragmentation index

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Reproductive Medicine

Fertility problems – Male & Female. PCOD Endometriosis Recurrent miscarriages. Infertility counseling HSG – Hysterosalphinogram IUI – Intrauterine Insemination. Test tube baby – ICSI/IVF Genetic counseling

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Pre conception/ Pre – Marital counseling Complete antenatal care High risk pregnancy monitoring Antenatal exercises Individualistic approach in delivery Ultrasound Postnatal care Well women clinic

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Master health screening for women Irregular periods Menorrhagia clinic Adolescent gynecology Menopause clinic

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Nakshatra Makes World Class Fertility Treatments

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, advanced, quality reproductive medical services in a compassionate and efficient environment that leads to the fulfillment of a family unit. Our specialty clinic offers Ethical, Quality & Personalized health care for Men, Women & childless couples.

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